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Comments re Bundesbank´s announcement of 2014 gold repatriations to Germany (120 tonnes)

von Peter Boehringer E-Mail 19.01.15 13:39:54

Bundesbank today has released the already overdue announcement of its gold repatriations to Germany in 2014:

Facts first, then a few official comments from me / from our public campaign "Holt unser Gold heim!" / "Repatriate our Gold ":

- BuBa claims to have repatriated 120 tonnes in 2014 ...
- ... a number slightly higher than our estimate of 100 tonnes
- allegedly 85 tonnes were transported from NY/Fed and 35 tonnes from Paris/BdF
- 50 of the 85 tonnes from NY have (again) been melted and recast into new bars
- at least 43 of the 85 tonnes from NY must have been transported only in December of 2014 (based on US-Fed-statistics)